Adidas miCoach Fit Smart Fitness Band Based On Google Fit Platform

Adidas is reportedly releasing another fitness tracker and it would appear that the German sports merchandise maker will be utilizing the Google Fit platform that was unveiled at Google I/O.

According to rumors and leaks by LegalForce, FCC and retailer Keller Sportsgossipy. Adidas is preparing to dispatch miCoach Fit Smart, which, accordingly resembles with Nike’s Fuelband and the German company’s own product the miCoach Smart Run. It will be having a dot LED display, which makes it look like competitor rival Fuelband’s far off cousin. However, Fit Smart looks more like a watch than Nike’s band, which should appeal to few users. It is should have a new quick locking strap/band as well. That should make it simple for users to remove it when they feel tired of reading through vital signs as if they’re in a ceaseless, virtual clinic. Helpful without a doubt!

On a genuine note, what is helpful for the users is the cluster of sensors behind the screen of Fit Smart, which will measure the heart rate and other physical variables throughout workout and it has Bluetooth 4.0 LE, or Bluetooth Smart, to interact with the Android smartphone it is paired with. Fit Smart will give data into Google’s open health platform, the Google Fit.

Adidas’ impact with the new item comes at a time when Nike is scaling back its research and vicinity in the fitness band market however they will be developing third-party apps to get FuelBand coupled with Google Fit. It’s an big market out there, and with Google’s backing through Google Fit, the potential is actually unlimited.

Google’s entry into the fitness segment was maybe done with the focus of tackling Apple’s recently announced Healthkit, a fitness tracking service. Google Fit’s open APIs will make it simpler for a client to moniter information from different health-tracking apps. syncronised data sharing from monitering devices like Fit Smart to Android gadgets, that will later be saved, analyzed and utilized by Google Fit.


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