Android One smartphone sales report says just lukewarm

Android One Smartphones

Google’s Android One project, where Google partnered together with local OEMs like Micromax, Spice, and Karbonn, to launch low cost segment smartphones with a guarantee of 2-year software support, has gotten a tepid reaction as far as sales, as indicated by a report from The Economic Times.

Android smartphones, which are estimated between Rs 6,299 and Rs 6,499 on average sold around 2,00,000 units, however according to the report, Android One numbers have been half to one-third of that number. Local manufacturers have respectfully declined the claim, and have said that the devices are doing admirably in the market, and now and again the interest is exceeds supply.

Android One devices were released by Google as online exclusives amid the initial couple of weeks. Later, they were accessible through offline stores too. It gives the idea that Micromax’s Canvas A1 is among the top selling device under the Android One program.

Google had released the Android One program, to associate with the following 5 billion individuals to the Internet through cheap smartphones. Google means to offer two million Android One units by 2014, and if Finbarr Moynihan, GM for universal corporate sales at MediaTek, is to be accepted, the device sales are on track to meet the 2 million units sale. Google is at the present time extending Android One project to different nations before the end of 2015.

In spit of massive promoting use by Google, we accept that they failed to clarify to customers the difference between Android One devices and other regular Android devices. people still haven’t grasped the point of interest of Android One devices which would get software support for 2 years since their launch. Then again, an ordinary customer is focusing all the more on the brand trust and hardware specifications when picking a smartphone. No big surprise, Xiaomi’s offerings, Redmi 1S and Mi 3 have gotten such an incredible response from customers.


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