Apple officially uncovers iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

Tim Cook has uncovered two new iPhones at the progressing occasion. The 4.7-inch variation is known as the iPhone 6, while the greater 5.5-inch variation is called iPhone 6 Plus.

The new iphones have a striking resemblance as what has continually spilled in the recent months. The smartphones have glass front, anodized aluminum back and stainless steel and gloat a display Apple depicts as “Retina HD” display. These display have a pixel resolution of 1,334×750 pixels for the 4.7-inch variant and 1,920 x 1,080 pixels for the 5.5-inch variant. In total, Apple asserts that the new iPhone’s display have 185 percent a larger pixels than the iPhone 5S.

As we have seen in the past leaks, the new iPhones are truly thin, bragging a thickness of 6.8mm for the iPhone 6 and 7.1mm for the iPhone 6 Plus. In comparison, the iPhone 5S is 7.6mm thick.

A portion of the new feature we can expect on the iPhones are scene landscape mode, which as the name proposes permits you to utilize the iPhone within a horizontal mode. The keyboard excessively has been upgraded and features new cut, paste buttons on the iPhone 6 Plus. There’s additionally another new gesture called “reachability”, wherein you can double-touch the home button and the entire display simply slides down, so you can achieve the top buttons.

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