Apple seams to unveil its wearable device with iPhone 6 on Sep 9th

iwatch concept designs

Apple’s big gossip smartwatch, named as the iWatch, will purportedly be launched at the company’s occasion on September 9, Re/code reports. The smartwatch will impart the stage to the iPhone 6.
The magazine further says that the iWatch will be profoundly coordinated with Apple’s Health application, and additionally HomeKit home automation platform. Both the features will be launched with iOS 8 later this year.

There have been various negating bits of gossip in regards to the iWatch’s release date. Various business sector examiners asserted that the smartwatch was deferred because of production issues. Apple analyst John Gruber, then again, as of late indicated that the iWatch could be revealed on September 9, yet later prevented having any thought from claiming Apple’s plan.

From what we have heard in this way, the Apple iWatch could be accessible in three variants unified with 1.6-inch display, and two variants with 1.8-inch displays. They will host an flexible AMOLED display and will be built-in with sensors, with the highest point of-the-line iWatch liable to cost above $1,000.


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