Apple’s next big innovation could be a shopping bag

apple shopping bag

After changing the way you think about mobiles, computers and music players, Apple could now change conjectures about a regular shopping bag.

After Apple revolutionized the way the world understands mobile technology, the California-based company may now be moving ahead of the regular tech it is known for. A latest patent application by Apple reveals that it may now be working on a design rejig of shopping bags. Yes, you read it right, Apple may now be entering a new market segment with its new patent. According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Patent Number US 20160264304, spotted by The Next Web, gives away that the company has been granted a patent for a shopping bag made of at least 60 percent recycled materials.

The retail paper bag comprises of a bag container made out of white paper with at least 60 percent post-consumer (recycled) content and adhesives. The white paper is formed of solid bleached sulfate (SBS). To help compensate for reduced strength and increased probability to tearing of the SBS paper bags, Apple‘s new bag will comprise of a reinforced insert adhered to its interior, which extends across a fold of the bag container. However, what the big innovation in the shopping bag by Apple is its complete rejig of the handles of the bag. The bag’s handles are formed entirely of paper fiber yarn knitted in an 8-stitch circular knit pattern, wherein the handle has a diameter of at least 6.5 millimeters.

apple shopping bag
Essentially, while most existing paper bags do have paper handles, their stiffness and the overall texture, give them an unfinished look. However, the fiber yarn knit handles of Apple’s shopping bag give it a feel and texture of a hollow textile tube, which basically feels like a shoelace.

The patent describes it as, “the bag handle may be formed entirely of paper, with the potential exception of adhesives. Typical paper handles are stiff and inflexible; these qualities contribute to a rough, unfinished feel. In some embodiments of the present invention, the bag handle may be formed to have a feel and flexibility unlike that typical of paper, however. For example, the handle’s feel and flexibility may be similar to that of a hollow textile tube, like a shoelace. To effect this feel and flexibility, the handle may be formed of knitted paper fibers in a tight-knit pattern with a large diameter. For example, the handle may be formed in an 8-stitch circular-knit pattern, and may have a diameter greater than 6.5 millimeters (e.g., 6.5 millimeters, 8 millimeters, greater than 8 millimeters).”

Also to strengthen the insides of the paper bag container, the bag may be lined with a matte plastic film on the interiors, as matte plastic films have a higher resistance to tearing than any other material of bag container. The patent application lists Michael Korinek, Eugene Antony Whang, Benjamin Andrew Shaffer as inventors, while Apple Inc is listed as the applicant.

Also, this year, Apple filed a patent for a 360 degree wraparound curved display. The patent showed an iPhone design with a screen folded around the front and rear sides of the smartphone. It also showed glass cover protecting the front, and back side of the phone. With a 360-degree screen wrapped around the device, the idea is that the entire display will seem like it is on a loop. While the iPhone 7 did not as much come with a edge-to-edge display, the 360-degree displays could may be expected on the future iPhones.


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