Asus ZenFone teaser shows dual camera, to be revealed at CES

asus ces zenfone dual camera teaser

CES is right around the bend, people, and that implies we’re certain to see some extravagant new offerings from our most loved brands moderately soon. Bouncing in front of the activity was Asus, which shows a teaser on its Facebook page for another Zenfone that seems, by all accounts, to be wearing dual back cameras, may be a 3D camera.

At ten seconds in length, the teaser is really short. Be that as it may, we’re dealt with to a brisk flash of what have two camera lenses right off in the video (presented above). Asus then completes things off with the announcement “see what others can’t see.”

What does Asus have in the cover? It’s tricky to tell at this time, however you can decide for yourself at the source link below. Likewise make sure to take after our CES news beginning January sixth, we’ll make sure to tell you what Asus is concocting, alongside much, considerably more.


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