Bing map recently added more than 100 cities with Streetside images

Valencia Bing map Streetside view

Bing has quite recently updated their Streetside and 3D city database. You can now find more than 100 new urban cities with new Streetside pictures and 3D map guide help.

Inflame either the Bing Maps application or the Bing Maps Preview application on Windows 8.1 to see the new Streetside symbolism. More than 100 urban locations now offer close-up perspectives so you will never be missing when traveling around.

Inside the Windows 8.1 Bing Maps Preview application, you’ll now find more than 125 exceptionally very much detailed 3D cities. You can utilize the application on a devices like your Surface Pro 3 to explore places like The Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Florida or the Las Vegas Strip.

For the globe, you can likewise now anticipate to see recharged aeronautical images. More than 150 nations now offer new high-resolution images that originated from either an drone or satellite.

Hit up the Bing blog beneath for a full registry of every last one of cities that have new 3D and Streetside support.

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