Carl Zeiss optics’ VR One costs $99, available for pre-order

Carl Zeiss VR One headset

Carl Zeiss optics has announced the VR One, which is the optics maker’s solution for Samsung’s Gear VR. Like Samsung’s putting forth, the VR One will oblige blending with a smartphone. The $99 headset meets expectations with select Android (and iOS) smartphones with screen sizes fluctuating from 4.7 inches to 5.2 inches (which rules out devices like the Galaxy Note 4), and is presently accessible for preorder.

Carl Zeiss specifies that it will offer exceptional trays for most perfect devices, which will permit that device to tray in splendidly into the VR One. The headset accompanies one tray, with every extra tray retailing for $10. The first batch of trays are intended for the Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 6, in spite of the fact that Carl Zeiss has specified that it dealing with bringing out trays for additional devices.

The VR One is based on an open-source platform, keeping in mind the base unit accompanies a limited set of applications that permit you to view movies in 3D, browsing through pictures, access Street View and interface with expanded reality, Carl Zeiss is putting forth a SDK to engineers to develop extra usefulness to the headset. VR One is presently accessible for preorder for $99, with the first batch of order requests set to initiate delivering by Christmas. Carl Zeiss is evaluating a more extensive launch at some point next year.

What do you folks consider Carl Zeiss’ endeavors with VR One? Any of you intrigued by preordering one the headset?

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