Chromecast users can now create video playlist on YouTube

Youtube logo

Chromecast and Youtube are related to a match made in paradise. What’s more, since they’re both part of Google’s enormous picture system, it bodes well for both things to be as benevolent as could reasonably be expected with one another. To that end, Youtube’s taken to Google+ (how meta, eh?) to uncover that Chromecast users can now utilize its site (as a part of to line features – basically, this is intended to streamline the procedure, since it gives you a chance to organize what to play next from same tab on your browser.

Exactly too, there are more changes going to the Youtube watch page on the web (image below), including a simplest approach to make playlists and share videos across social networks, in addition to new description box. The Chromecast peculiarity is accessible now, while alternate tweaks are relied upon to rollout throughout the following few days.

Chromecast playlist

YouTube (Google+)

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