Facebook to end Messenger support on mobile browser, asks users to download Messenger app

Facebook Messenger

Facebook continues to force its Messenger application on its users.

Facebook is soon going to end support for messaging on its mobile browser version. The company is also notifying mobile browser users to download the Messenger app to continue messaging friends on the social network. The latest move comes approximately two years after Facebook had separated Messenger from the Facebook app.

While it is still possible to message through the mobile browser, but it has already become cumbersome. Facebook is showing a message that “your conversations are moving to Messenger.” On tapping the tiny “X” you can see the messages, but tapping on any of the message, it will redirect you to Google Play store. Go back to the messages, and then finally you can start your conversations.

At the time of filing this article I could access messages through the mobile site without getting any notification, but a few have already started receiving the notification. And it looks like it is just a matter of time before the same starts to appear to more people. That said, it is not very clear whether Facebook will force the same on its Facebook Lite users or those using the social networking site on popular third party browsers like UC Web or Opera Mini, which have a deeper Facebook integration.

Well, it is not the first time Facebook has forced the Messenger app on its users. Back in 2014, Facebook had announced separating the messaging feature from its mobile app. Despite initial backlash from users, Facebook defended the move stating it would help deliver quality of experience. “We’re trying to build a service that’s good for everyone. Because Messenger is faster and more focused, if you’re using it, you respond to messages faster,” Mark Zuckerberg had then responded to the criticism.

For Facebook, the move has done wonders as its Messenger is now the world’s second largest instant messaging app after WhatsApp with over 900 million users worldwide. In last two years, the Messenger app has significantly evolved from just routine instant messaging application to a platform that now lets you interact with Artificial Intelligence-based bots.

Currently there is no such data on how many users have been accessing the messages through mobile web browsers. But many have been using this web browser workaround to access messages as they didn’t want to download the Messenger app.

Even I have been using this workaround for a very long time as it gave me the liberty to message only when I intended to. The messaging experience on mobile browser is definitely not at par with the standalone app, but gets the job done nevertheless. So, not having another battery-hogging app on my smartphone made totally sense.

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