Facebook is attempting to bring YouTube like channels in Facebook pages


Facebook is working on a fantastic plan for its recently launched video stage. After drawing Hollywood titans and different superstars to utilize its stage to share their most recent videos, the Facebook is currently trying a “Videos” segment design on Facebook pages. The social juggernaut affirmed to Techcrunch that is has begun to test this peculiarity on picked pages including ABC News and Nytimes.

As per the video section design is concerned it looks more similar as Youtube channels’ interface. There is an ‘Featured Video’ segment, and there is additionally “Playlists” feature with thumbnails, length, likes, view count and other important points of interest.

“As more and more people upload, share and discover video on Facebook, marketers are realizing the value of video at every stage of the buying cycle, from awareness to conversion,” as posted on a Facebook blog post. The report says that the company will anyhow finally add this feature to all the Facebook Pages. What’s more administrators of pages will get the capacity to pick an featured video which will be shown on the top with larger in size.

It has gotten to be clear now that Facebook is attempting to increase the users’ engagement and verify that the service transforming its structure to go a place for everything. The Facebook recently reported that the Twitter-like trending subjects which it started showing on the web platform of the webpage starting from the beginning of the year will likewise be accessible to its mobile applications. It likewise as recently removed the Microsoft’s Bing search feature from site’s built in search function, a move that was made to guarantee that users’ questions spin inside the company’s social community.


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