Facebook is currently testing a Truecaller competitor named as “Phone”

facebook phone app

Facebook is working on to dispatch a dialer on its Android application named “Phone.” The App is intended to trace caller id of nature that shows information on the individuals calling, as well as consequently blocks blacklisted number from your incoming calls also.

Facebook portrays Phone as “new application that displays to you information about who’s calling and consequently blocks calls from normally blocked numbers.” Interestingly, the update is titled “Try Phone [FB-ONLY].” as such, this App was intended to be tried inside by Facebook’s workers, yet the update appears to have displayed on a modest bunch of Facebook Android users.

This is likely to be the reason why it shows “no page found” error message on hitting the install button. Not a ton is thought about the featured app, however it is by all accounts looks like what Truecaller provides. The application is a social phone registry of sorts, which not just issues you data on who is calling you, additionally blocks numbers that have been identified as spam by clients. Truecaller has more than 100 million clients and has strong hold on contact data of just about 1.5 billion people.

With more than 1.39 billion Facebook users, it is scarcely shocking that the social titan needs to influence the data it has. A significant number of these users have saved their phone numbers on their Facebook profiles, so a dialer would apparently utilize this data to let you know who is calling, regardless of the fact that you don’t have the number saved on your smartphone.

Since it is as a rule restricted trails for the time being, it is too soon to say if Facebook Phone or whatever the app provides will come to public access with improved features.

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