GiffGaff UK mobile carrier now giving 4G LTE on monthly plans beginning from £12


UK mobile carrier Giffgaff has disclosed new plans to hit the control of faster 4G LTE speeds. Using the O2 network, the virtual mobile operator is putting forth 4G on plans that begin from £12 a month (for 1GB of data). There’s no words for unlimited use, in any case, constraining power users to 5GB of 4G data for £18 a month.

Since Giffgaff works away at the O2 network (800MHz), you’ll have to have a 4G compatible smartphone (phones are excluded with the affordable plan pricing), yet its certain to see the network to give LTE offer and give more options to users in the UK.

Will you be researching Giffgaff’s 4G LTE advertising? Tell us your considerations on the network’s pricing in the comments section.

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