Google acquires Songza music streaming service

Google Songza

Google declared on Tuesday that it is acquiring the most loved and trusted music service Songza in an offer to increase its Play Music offering.

Songza is an extensive player in the streaming music world. Instead of giving clients individually get to tunes and collections, it presents offer-curated playlists around mood, time of day and general subject. The service is accessible on the web, for iOS and Android, and as well as on Chromecast.

The terms and service of the deal weren’t anounced. In first weak of June, bits of gossip that Google was in talk to purchase Songza first hit the web.

In spite of the fact that Songza isn’t the only firm in the curated, taste-based playlist space (different companies, including Tunigo, which Spotify procured in May 2013), it does one of the best employments at creating unique playlists.

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