Google+ has now ability to pin your best posts in your profile page

Google Plus Pin Posts Screen

Google has introduced a new feature for its Google plus social network, the capacity to pin posts on profile pages. In case that you have ever ended up in the position of needing to keep a particular bit of substance at the highest point of your Google+ profile page, then this new helpfulness facility is for you. It’s a little change that will go far to show off that unimaginable shot you tackled on holidays.

People often have posts that they want to make sure get seen when someone visits their profile, like a great nature shot from a recent family trip. Businesses also have content they want to highlight such as photos of a new product or a trailer for an upcoming movie. You can pin a post to the top of your profile or page. When someone visits your page, they’ll see the pinned content first above the rest of your posts.

The main drawback is pins must be set while utilizing a desktop web browser, however Android-controlled devices will have the capacity to see this pin feature content. iPhone support is on its way soon.


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