Google labs working on giant displays could work like Legos


Numerous interested projects have been conceived inside Google’s well-known X labs, including smart glasses, balloons made fit for distributing internet connectivity and, most as of late, a heading toward self-driving car. Presently, as per The Wall Street Journal, the following huge thing that could leave Google X are monster, particular modular displays which can interface with make one bigger picture. For every the report, the undertaking is, no doubt created by Mary Lou Jepsen, prime supporter of the One Laptop Per Child activity and long ago an professor at MIT.

In common, insights about Google X’s anonymous undertaking project are still rather rare, however sources told the WSJ that the bigger screens “could be made into different sized and shapes,” like how Legos function. A NPD Displaysearch research chief accepts these may be utilized to do numerous things well known to each one of us, such as reading email, browsing the web and additionally sitting in front of the TV and films – maybe, all in the meantime. Consider it Project Ara, however on a much, much more prominent scale and with diverse kind of segments.

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