Google Project Fi launched, a innovative idea to stay connected

Starting as an early get to program, Google is working with Sprint and T-Mobile to enhance Fi. The service is revolved around three fundamental territories of concentrate: fantastic connections, easier communication across networks and a high quality service experience.

Fi will provide better connection for you whenever and wherever you are. In case your LTE signal is weaker Fi will attempt to connect you to a Wi-Fi hotspot, at that instant. The objective is to provide the best data connection conceivable. Fi likewise backings highlights like talking and messaging over Wi-Fi, and calls will have to effectively move between Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Your Fi phone number will exist in the cloud so you can utilize it with any phone, tablet or laptop.

As far as pricing is concerned, Google would like to keep things straightforward with Fi. $20 per month, you get fundamental services, including talk, messaging, Wi-Fi tethering and global coverage. For each 1GB of cellular data consumed will have to pay another $10 every month with your plan charges. Thus, In case you utilize 3GB every month, you will have to pay $50. You will likewise get your money back for the data on your plan that you didn’t utilize.

Currently you can sign up for Google Fi early access program . At present project Fi is only compatible with the Nexus 6 device which is built with Fi as planned for launch of this service.


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