Google Search Android app get bill alert feature in new update

Google Now bill alert

Google is continually working at Google Now and it has quite recently updated its Search application for Android. The new Bill Reminder feature in Google Now will alert the users with the bill amount and its payable date. To make utilization of the usefulness, a user simply needs to tap the mic in the Google Search application and give a voice command of “show me my bills” or “bills this week”, however this feature just works with bills which are received to the user’s Gmail account.

The flight price monitor feature created its footprint in the Search application a week ago and this new usefulness simply adds to the level of customization and personalization that Google has in store for its users.

“When you can’t remember whether you’ve paid your bills—or you simply can’t remember how much money you need to pay—you can now just ask Google,” is the thing that Google says in regarding it. Google Now is effortlessly one of the better things to have on your Android device and the list of reasons why its so significant simply continues expand

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