Google Spaces hopes to offer a better group sharing experience


Google Spaces

Google has introduced Spaces, a new tool that makes it easier to share links, videos, and more with groups of people with similar interests. Spaces lets you create groups, like “Comic book buddies,” and easily share with them from the web, YouTube, and more.

From Google:

With Spaces, it’s simple to find and share articles, videos and images without leaving the app, since Google Search, YouTube, and Chrome come built in. When someone shares something new to a space, the conversational view lets you see what the group is talking about without missing a beat. And if you ever want to find something that was shared earlier—articles, videos, comments or even images—a quick search lets you pull it up in a snap.

Spaces isn’t quite live as of this writing, though it will roll out later today on Android, iOS, and the web for all Gmail accounts.

source: androidcentral

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