Google to reveal a new OS ‘Brillo’ for Internet of Things


According to the reports by The Information, Google is purportedly building up a new operating system named as Brillo and the company will speak about its release and introduction will be unwrap at the I/O conference, which will be held in San Francisco on May 28. The I/O 2015 is likewise seen as a noteworthy occasion for the disclosing of Android M, it is named to bring along a variety of native applications to the OS, for example, Fingerprint validation. Additionally, the occasion may likewise see the declaration of new standalone Photos application.

As per the report, Brillo will be dispatched under the name of Android, yet it will bolster the low-end devices that accompany 32MB/64MB of RAM. To entirety it, we can say that Brillo is a scaled back variant of Android OS and it is basically situated towards driving the Internet of Things IoT.

Google is taking a distinct fascination in the IoT advertise as it holds a ton more advancement later on. The new OS will be driving home appliances, for example refrigerators, washing machine, mixers and so forth and through Brillo these gadgets will have the capacity to work automatically furthermore communicates cleverly.

To include more, Brillo will empower makers to assemble better smart gadgets. Likewise, it will furnish Google with other imperative insights about the users, for example, sleeping type, eating regime and some more. Interestingly, Google obtained Nest Labs (smart indoor thermostat manufacturer) in the year 2014 for $3.1 billion and now it will be utilizing Brillo as its real OS.

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