Google Voice Search now released support to Hindi on Android

Google Voice Search logo

After giving support for Indian accents in English language and Maps in Hindi, Google has quietly begun rolling out support for Hindi in Voice Search on Android. We recently recognized the presence of Hindi in Voice search languages on Android and it is by all accounts working pleasantly yet given the absence of adequate Hindi search results, at some point it flounders in giving relevant information.

To utilize Hindi as the voice-search language, you should simply go to Google Settings on your Android phone, select Search and Now > Voice > Language and select Hindi (Bharat). The usefulness is still constrained to simply understanding your Hindi input and after that giving search results, the speech output is still in English and there is no “Ok Google” hot word support for Hindi users.

In case that you don’t see Hindi language choice on your Android phone, it will most likely land in the following couple of weeks.

This is an enormous improvement from Google for Hindi language support and it was initially indicated by the search titan at the press occasion for Indian accept support announcement.

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