Google’s Chromebooks can able to run Linux with a Chrome extension

run linux on chromebook

Google’s Chromebooks revealed its potential, now it can run Linux, François Beaufort, previous successive Chrome hacker and programmer who was employed by Google in 2013, which was published in a Google+ post. To run Linux in chromebook, users will fundamentally need to enable developer mode and utilize a Chrome extension named Crouton Chrome.

Chromebook machines are powered by Google’s ChromeOS, which is not a fully developed and functional as Windows, OS X or Linux distributions besides. Google, on the other hand, has added a few helpful features to its operating system in the last few months. Chromebooks are given constantly updates and now it plays offline videos furthermore lets users are permitted to install some useful pack of Android applications.

Individuals have additionally discovered many attempts to make the Intel-powered Chromebooks run Linux operating systems along with Chrome OS on dual boot functionality. Anyhow, it wasn’t feasible to run Linux without all such specialized technical issues and bunch of codes. In the post, Beaufort says that Google has recently added a long patch fix to the operating system to empower this functionality.

In case that your Chromebook is in Developer Mode, you should have to download install the Crouton Chrome Integration extension, download crouton and on the shell type “sudo sh ~/Downloads/crouton t unity,extension”(without the quotes).

FrancoisBeaufort Google+ post