Graphene stronger than kevlar armor while shot by Mach 9 microbullets

graphene wholebody shield

Here’s an alternate new use for graphene (that will most likely never happen): ceasing bullets. University of Massachusetts-Amhers scientists have observed that the widely adored potential wonder material boundlessly beats steel and also kevlar shield. Testing the ultra-lightweight, 1-atom thick carbon sheets has confirmed doubt previously, as they deteriorated on contact with standard bullets. In this way, the group utilized laser pulses to shoot micron-sized glass bullets into the sheets at around 6,700 mph, around three times the velocity of a M16 bullet (see beneath). Sheets from 30 to 300 layers thick retained the effects much better than other materials by distorting into a cone shape, then fractured.

Although there’s a dependably a but with graphene – such sheets are presently excessively fragile to make into a robust material. The answer may be to stitch graphene flakes together, then shift the point of reference to avoid cracking. Whatever, please simply let us know us when you really transform this material into a damn produt.

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AFP/Getty Images

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