Harley-Davidson Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone will be released by NGM

Harley Davison Smartphone

The Italy grown smartphone producer NGM has reported planning to dispatch a Harley-Davidson branded Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone, which will have the logo for the well known bike company on the again of the device.

NGM flaunted the phone at this present week’s IFA occasion in Berlin. MobileOS.it reports that the phone will be the first sold in Italy with dual SIM support. The 5-inch smartphone will have a resolution of 1280×729. Will have hardware of a quad-core Qualcomm processor running at 1.2 GHz, alongside 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of locally storege. There will additionally be an eight megapixel back primary camera and a two megapixel front shooter camera. NGM plans to offer the Harley-Davidson Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone for 249 euros. There’s no statement yet on when it will go marked for sales.

What do you think about a Windows Phone device that has such a branded iconic logo on the back spread cover?


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