HP Sprout’s new TV ads and videos shows its exceptional intelligence features

Early this week, HP affirmed new and exceptionally extraordinary Windows 8.1 all in one PC named as the HP Sprout. While there’s been a considerable measure of level headed discussion about the name of this PC and how powerful it is in depicting the item, HP is set hard and fast to promote the Sprout with an series of long videos and TV commercials that appeared this week that showcase its diverse intelligent features.

One of the advertisements that is been running on various TV shows concentrates on the hands as the main controller for the HP Sprout, which joins an overhead projector with camera and a 3D scanner with a 20 point capacitive touch mat that permits its users to manipulate pictures, graphics and virtual objects on that mat and in addition on its 23-inch touchscreen.

Yet other new TV ad concentrates on how the HP Sprout will permit its users to “reimage” how they work away at different projects.

At last, HP has uploaded a very longer (more than three minutes) video of the Sprout, indicating how it can be utilized for things as intricate as redesigning a kitchen to just things like making a custom picture for an infant’s first birthday. What’s maybe is most intriguing is what’s not demonstrated in these videos. Windows 8.1 is not specified at all in any of these advertisements. In reality, the shorter videos don’t indicate Windows 8.1 while the longer advertisement scarcely demonstrates the Windows 8.1 taskbar.

Is it accurate to say that it is a decent thought for HP to downplay the utilization of Windows 8.1 for the new Sprout for its cool intelligent features?

HP (YouTube)

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