HTC to announce next flagship device on March 1 at Barcelona

htc invite march 1

HTC has given out invites for a significant announcement on March 1 in Barcelona, pretty much as Mobile World Congress gets in progress. Regularly, this is the place we’re hoping to see the company’s next enormous flagship Android smartphone and other devices — the phone that may pass by the name HTC One M9.

After a furious 2014, HTC will be looking to commence its 2015 product line up with the successor to one of our loved devices of the previous year, the HTC One M8. Bits of gossip propose it’ll run Qualcomm’s most recent Snapdragon 810 chip, stuns a 5 inch 1080p resolution display and maybe dump the “Ultrapixel” camera of old for a customary high-megapixel sensor.

The welcome’s zinger tag line, “utopia in progress,” doesn’t dole much out, however you can wager we’ll be update the events which are going to be held on Barcelona in six weeks to bring you full coverage of a standout amongst the most vital devices announcements of the year.

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