Huawei Honor series phones to reach US in 2015

Huawei Honor 6 smartphone

Huawei has idea to begin sales of its low cost Honor Android smartphones in the US at some point later in 2015. The China-based company initially propelled the Honor series in December 2013 and sold 20 million of them in 2014.

Addressing the Wall Street Journal, Xu Zhiqiang, the president of Huawei’s U.S. devices business, said he was confident about the company’s chances for achievement, expressing, “If you look at the U.S. market, it is unique in that all the competitors are here. I don’t think it’s sustainable for all these players to be here. A lot of them will disappear…But we will be here.”

Huawei Devices Chief Marketing Officer Shao Yang was likewise talked with, expressing that no-contact low cost smartphones like the Honor series will get to be more famous in the US, including, “For us, the most important thing is really how to reach the consumer directly.”

Additionally, now that Huawei Honor phones are going to land in US, you’ll need to verify you’re claiming the company’s name effectively. It’s Wa-Way!

Wall Street Journal


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