IE web development extends its support to OS X, Android and iOS via RemoteIE

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Microsoft is giving web developers an approach to run Internet Explorer on about every significant operating system through a new service called RemoteIE, Simply put, it will give them a chance to utilize the browser on OS X, iOS or Android devices, Basically Windows, by means of the Azure RemoteApp, without the requirement for an average virtual machine.

The version of IE that is can run on the RemoteIE framework is the same one that is accessible with the recent dispatched Windows 10 Technical Preview. Microsoft expressed:

“The Azure RemoteApp preview builds on the Windows Server Remote Desktop Services infrastructure while also leveraging Azure’s global scale and utility-grade reliability. The service, released to preview in May, enables you to run Windows applications on a variety of devices from the Azure cloud. RemoteIE provides access to the latest Internet Explorer on the Technical Preview via Azure RemoteApp. With RemoteIE, you can test the latest preview version of IE from your Windows, Mac, Android or iOS device. Once you’re set up with the RemoteApp client for your platform, you will be streaming IE from the Azure cloud within seconds.”

There are a couple of provisos with RemoteIE. One is that Azure RemoteApp only works with Windows Server 2012 or later forms of the server OS. Likewise, every session goes on for just 60 minutes so engineers will need to log in again after that time cutoff is dependent upon proceed. On the other hand, this ought to give those website developers various new alternatives when creating locales that are intended to work with the most recent version of IE.

Is Microsoft improving work in including more developer support for Internet Explorer, including from non-Windows users?

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