Import site list mentions a new 5.7-inch Microsoft Lumia device

Lumia 840 import list

There’s new proof that Microsoft is working to release another 5.7-inch Windows Phone device in both single and dual SIM models, at any rate in India. It originates from the import examiner site Zauba, which demonstrates that the smartphones were shipped from Finland to India for the company’s internal testing purpose on May 19.

There’s likewise pricing information for both smartphones, which might show that this new smartphone is in the mid-range. On the other hand, the Zauba listings have a tendency to be mistaken once the items in its database are officially declared.

Other news sites have already named the smartphone’s model as the Lumia 840 XL, obviously its too soon to check whether that will be the genuine name of the device.

Regardless, its conceivable we may have a new phone declaration sooner. We will keep an ear on the ground for further improvements.

Zauba, NPU

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