Kodak is planning to release smartphones

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For some time there it seems like Kodak’s minute had came and left, yet the recent months have seen the imaging brand battle back from the verge of insignificance. Presently the company is working to push a Kodak brand smartphone and fortunately its not going to sue everybody in the business along the way this time. To be obvious, Kodak won’t really make its own devices – rather, its going to ranch out the greater part of the advancement work to an English company named Bullitt. You know, the individuals behind those uber-rough Caterpillar phones. Gracious, and it won’t appear anything like the replicate you see above… we trust.

The information are still really rare as of right now, yet Kodak’s first smartphone will clearly play up the company’s photography slashes. Too bad, there’s no notifications in the official PR about sensor sizes, lens openings or devoted imaging fittings of any kind. Actually, it appears as though we may be taking a look at a device that does every last bit of its visual overwhelming lifting (think “bespoke picture catch, management and sharing features”) through programming.

That wouldn’t essentially be horrendous, in any case, why hit the noteworthy Kodak brand on a device that doesn’t appear prepared to do it equity? It is un predictable thing about the device until the exhibit at CES in a couple of weeks; hopefully we’re in for a charming astonishment.

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