LG G Pad X with Android 5.0 leaked coming to Verizon

LG G Pad X leak

Very little is at present known about the tablet other than the way that it accompanies a 8.3-inch display it was uncovered in a tweet earlier, yet from the picture above, it resembles like the G Pad X with Android 5.0 with LG’s most recent UX 4.0 out of the box.

The above image shows the tablet has Verizon branding at the front and back alongside the Verizon’s 4G signage, states that it will be a cellular capable model. The back cover of the tablet highlights a brushed metal finish, and what resembles a stereo speakers grill design. That is all we know for the time being. We’ll share more information as we get them.

What do you all think about the tablet being referred to?

Twitter (Evan Blass)

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