LG reveals world’s first 0.7mm bezel width full-HD display panel

LG display

LG has published new 5.1-inch full-HD display panel today with a bezel width of only 0.7mm, which the seller claims is the narrowest on the planet. LG is no more interesting to advancements in the display fragment, as the seller proclaimed the most slender display on the planet earlier this year, despite the fact that today’s declaration breaks LG’s past record of 2.2mm bezel size.

LG specifies that it needed to utilize two methodologies the Neo Edge module processing technology and the world’s first Advanced In-Cell Touch (AIT) technology to accomplish a bezel width that is narrower than the thickness of a credit card (which is 0.8mm). The Neo Edge technology sees the utilization of an adhesive rather than double sided tape to seal the areas around the panel’s circuit board and additionally the backlight unit.

Doing so helps in lessening the bezel size as the seller does not need to turn to utilizing a plastic guide for connect the board to the LCD backlight. The adhesive likewise decreases spillage of light, improves durability and gives resistance to water and dust. By utilizing a adhesive, LG is likewise ready to prevent corrosion from happening around the edges of the board, which can be the situation at times when double sided tape is utilized.

The AIT technology additionally supports in the reducing of bezel size, as the touch panel is embedded into the LCD module. As there isn’t a requirement for an alternate touch component, utilizing this technology is cost reducing way for LG.

The seller has expressed that large scale manufacture would start in November, with Chinese customer getting first access to hardware featuring the new display, as interest for large screen devices is high in the nation.

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