LG sold 16.8 million smartphone record in Q3 2014, doubles profit in mobile division

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Supported by a record 16.8 million smartphone sales in Q3 2014, LG published that it has very nearly doubled its profits to $440 million from the same time a year back. The 39 percent year-on-year increment in sales stamp LG’s best quarter in five years.

Regarding numbers, LG’s mobile division recorded $4.14 billion in sales, with a general working benefit of $163.16 million. The solid indicating of the LG G3 was likely a factor in expanded sales, with LG additionally crediting solid execution of its handsets in the budget and mid-level fragments. LG is looking to proceed with its controlled by concentrating on the G series and L series lines later on:

Building on its momentum and two consecutive profitable quarters, LG expects to strengthen its positioning in the smartphone market with its G Series and L Series III models despite the landscape becoming more competitive.

What do you all think? Could LG manage its development?


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