LG’s supercharged Korea-only G3 Cat 6 smartphone

LG G3 Cat 6 smartphone

The LG G3 isn’t old news simply yet. We’ve as of late thought about our first couple of months with the smartphone, and in numerous nations it’s just barely going out onto the business sector. However the walk of technological advanced nations, not minimum in LG’s nation of origin of South Korea, where main adversary Samsung as of now has it 2k-toting, Snapdragon 805-powered version of the Galaxy S5.

LG’s response to the Galaxy S5 Broadband LTE-A is the G3 Cat. 6, a turbo-charged rendition of the G3 with backing for Korea’s super-fast LTE Category 6 networks, yet maybe all the more critically, an updated CPU and GPU as well. The G3 Cat. 6 is controlled by a 2.7GHz Snapdragon 805 processor, matched with Qualcomm’s most recent Adreno 420 GPU, a improved from the Snapdragon 801 or plus-Adreno 330 of the first G3.

The G3 Cat. 6 will be only available in Korea, and LG lets us know there are no arrangements to dispatch this version globally. (In spite of the fact that it can be import.) But that is not going to stop us attacking the new G3′s hardware and perceiving how it measures up to the first.

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