Look Nissan’s glowing Leaf tear down a glowing concept highway

Nissan glow leaf

Daan Roosegaarde’s Smart Highway idea saw 33% of a mile of black-top in the Dutch town of Oss decorated with bright phosphorescent stripes, they spend the day splashing up in sunlight and converts it into a marginally eerie blue/green glow to guide drivers for eight hours once sunsets. Seeing the highway is trippy all by itself, so (commonly?) viewing Nissan’s glow in dark Leaf tear down it is an entire other story. Neighborly update: You may need to have the Tron or Starlight Express soundtracks signaled up before you squeeze play.

In case you’re asking yourself for what reason this exists, simply stop – there’s truly no intending to this minimal masterful activity other than to exhibit a comprehension that glowing thing in addition to glowing equivalents cool. You won’t be reproducing this with the same kind of rigging soon either, since the moderately exotic strontium aluminate paint that makes the Leaf shine glow in the dark is Nissan’s and it won’t share. You’re in an ideal situation simply purchasing a Tron bicycle you could call your own for the same impact, yet for the present simply appreciate the light show as you hold up for the weekend to immerse you.


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