Microsoft DC-21 power bank is now available in India

Microsoft DC-21 power bank

If you are a frequent traveler looking to charge your Windows Phone on the go, you’ll be happy to know that Microsoft’s DC-21 external power bank is currently accessible in India. The power bank is listed on Flipkart with a price tag of Rs. 3,499 ($56).

The power bank is contains 6000mAh battery it can able to charge your device twice before it uses up power. There’s a LED indicator which shows up the remaining charge, and the battery goes into standby mode when not being used, which safeguards the charge for longer company claims that standby time is 6 months. The charger takes four hours to full charge and can be at the same time charged while charging your device.

The Microsoft DC-21 power bank comes in green, orange and white colors which matches with the color of the Lumia devices.

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