Microsoft India and Micromax teasing to uncover a next big device

micromax teaser

Microsoft India is teasing a huge Windows-related product to be uncovered from Micromax on their official Windows India Facebook page and it seems the product may not be a smartphone or a tablet.

In fact, the picture demonstrates a smartphone, tablet and extra large flat screen TV with a question mark toward the end and the announcement “The next smart thing is coming soon”. The Facebook declaration additionally says, ” Can devices get any smarter? Well, Micromax has something to show you. Stay tuned to find out.”

Micromax was the first Indian-based smartphone manufacturer to release Windows Phone devices in June 2014 with the Canvas Win W121 and Canvas Win W092. Once more, this teaser makes it appear as though we will be listening to news about an all new item.

The product may be a Windows smart TV player or Windows caster HDMI device.

Windows India (Facebook)

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