Microsoft launched HD-10, wirelessly share lumia screen on TV

HD-10 Lumia screen sharing Microsoft has recently reported the Microsoft Screen Sharing for Lumia Phones HD-10 frill. The HD-10 is a new gadget that permits users to impart content effortlessly from their smartphone to any HDMI-connected screen. Presentations, photographs, videos and progressively can undoubtedly be imparted from your Windows Phone to your TV with the HD-10.

The Screen Sharing HD-10 was intended for individuals who enjoy in a ton of substance on their smartphones. Be it photographs, videos, music, streaming movies, recreations, and web. With the HD-10, you get a simple approach to put all that substance onto a bigger screen.

A basic tap is all it takes to substance your Windows Phone to the HD-10 because of a removable NFC plate. Tap your NFC-empowered Windows Phone to start effectively reflecting everything on your phone to your extra large screen. Pass the NFC plate around to permit anybody to share their content. Any Lumia with screen projection capacities and other Miracast products can utilize the HD-10.

NFC HD-10 Lumia screen sharing

Here’s the way you can utilize the HD-10 in different circumstances:

  • Enjoymovies or TV serials in full HD (1080p) on the wide screen, played specifically from Lumia smartphone or streamed from on-interest services, without any content limitations.
  • Web browsing: Browse and enjoy sites, or attempt helpful internet shopping on the big wide screen.
  • Showcasing photographs: Take Extensive pictures with a Lumia phone, and after that remember the memories on a vast screen with loved ones.
  • Office use: Perfect for presentations or gathering working sessions, it lets individuals undertaking reports from applications and services like Microsoft Office (as well as Outlook, Word, Powerpoint, and Excel), Onenote, Onedrive and Lync.
  • Games : Play with amusements on the big wide screen, and enjoy them in more detail.


The HD-10 is anticipated be available in stores late this month for $79 USD/ €79. We want to have involved with the Screen Sharing HD-10 later today

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