Microsoft may keen on acquiring chip manufacturer AMD

Microsoft building logo

Microsoft may be looking forward to acquire AMD, as per a new report surfaced online with the matter. Microsoft has a ton to gain by purchasing AMD’s APU business, given the Redmond titan’s aspirations in the console gaming section. Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 utilizing AMD’s Jaguar-architecture APU and if Microsoft somehow happened to purchase AMD, Sony will need to pay out a lot of cash to Microsoft on every PlayStation sold by it. If Microsoft AMD deal closes live Microsoft will gain more. The seller can look alternative chipset manufacturer, however that will represent to design a new APU from scratch.

Microsoft isn’t the main company rumored to be thinking about a acquiring of AMD. Qualcomm’s name has likewise been proposed, with the mobile chip manufacturer said to be keen on AMD’s server business. Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf also expressed interest that the manufacturer was hoping to reinforce its endeavors in the server fragment through a merger or procurement, with AMD the only expected competitor that Qualcomm can get at this stage.

Samsung was additionally said as a manufacturer that would be paying attention with utilizing AMD’s CPU and GPU IP to test any semblance of Qualcomm and Intel. AMD’s present business valuation of $2 billion is sufficiently low that each of the three firms listed above can obtain it utilizing their reserve money holds. Microsoft has $93 billion in cash, Qualcomm has over $12 billion and Samsung has $66 billion in its reserved money holds. Anyhow, given the way of AMD’s licensing portfolio, there will be noteworthy agreement obstacles before any negotiation experiences.


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