Microsoft plans to encrypt Bing searches by default

bing encrypted search

Microsoft has reported, is now working to encode Bing search by default. The company at present provides the encryption feature as a option, however will enable TLS support as default to all its services and networks.

Microsoft will actuate TLS protocols this midyear, encrypting search results across the network. This will imply that the company doesn’t interested on traffic from, instead you’ll be experiencing the This move is making few changes for advertisers and webmasters who depend on tracking data gave by Microsoft.

Microsoft will anyhow give details about referrer strings to identify search traffic as beginning from Bing, however to ensure users security, Microsoft will exclude utilized search terms. Limited search terms information will however be given to different Microsoft tools, including the Search Query Terms Report, Universal Event Tracking and Bing Webmaster Tools.

Microsoft states that while the company sees how this change may influence advertising and webmasters data collection, a more secure search experience for consumers is considered more imperative. See the blog entry for more points of interest on the highlighted tools you’ll have to use to check search term information. Bing is now a encrypted search engine.


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