Microsoft to release special edition gold Lumia 830 and 930

Microsoft gold Lumia 830 and 930

Microsoft has jumped on that hot new gold-toned phone furor with special edition models of its Lumia 830 and 930 smartphones. Yes, we’re deriding Redmond a bit for being late to an about two-year old pattern, yet we’d include that the unpretentious gold stressing on the phones’ edges really looks incredible. Both are at the highest point of the Lumia natural way of life and still brands as Nokia, which Microsoft officially changed on the Lumia 535.

It probably acquainted the new models with keep up interest and sales in its top models, since it may not launch a new flagship whenever soon. These model is going to be enjoyed on Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa at present, with no sign that they’ll reach to North America. Costs will differ by carrier, yet the Nokia 830 and 930 may cost about $400 (€330) and $580 (€500), respectively.


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