Microsoft released beta version of Skype Web platform

Skype web platform

Microsoft has uncovered Skype for Web, a browser based version of the VOIP services. At present in beta, Skype for Web works much the same as its native desktop complement, with voice and video calling and text messaging. The beta is accessible for Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox on Windows, and Safari 6.0 or later on OS X.

To utilize the Skype for Web beta, you will need to download a plug-in before your start your first call, in spite of the fact that Microsoft is chipping away at evacuating this necessity sooner or later. Being a beta, there are a few issues exhibit in this starting structure. Known issues incorporate expanded battery utilization on OS X, and also expanded time to unite when dialing a video call.

Welcomes for the beta will take off through the next few months. Some new and existing Skype users are now getting theirs. To check your welcome status, essentially sign in with your Skype account or MSN account on the Skype website.


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