Microsoft released new DC-21 Portable Power charger to power your Windows Phones

DC21 portable charger and Lumia 930

Microsoft has today proclaimed the new Portable Power DC-21 charger for Windows Phones. It may resemble the regular compact portable charging accessory, yet the 6000mAh versatile power plant really stores enough squeeze for various charges. The DC-21 additionally charges quick.

A slick feature of this portable charger (as is the situation with others accessible on market) is the accessory will hold full energize for a month. It’s likewise conceivable to charge both the DC-21 and a Windows Phone all the while (more power experiencing to the smartphone, obviously).

The amount will the DC-21 set buyers once more by? $49 (€39), which isn’t a terrible cost. Accessible colors will incorporate white, brilliant green and orange and buyers can hope to see the DC-21 in stores later this month.

To really sweeten the deal, Microsoft is doling out five units for free. Just head on over to the Conversations website and leave a comment in respect to why you require the DC-21.


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