Microsoft released Surface Pro 3 firmware update to improve Pen drivers


Microsoft has silently released a new firmware update for the Surface Pro 3, which fixates on adding a few improvements to the driver for the included Surface Pen.

As indicated by the update history for the 12-inch tablet, the new firmware download has the accompanying feature: “Surface Pen Driver (v2.0.1145.0) empowers extra approaching choices for Surface Pro 3.” There are no specifics in the matter of what these new features options added are for the pen. Anyhow, it may be because of Microsoft and Adobe’s new alliance to enhance how Adobe’s desktop applications deal with Windows 8.1 touchscreen devices.

Microsoft simply releases firmware update on the second Tuesday of each month, otherwise called “Patch Tuesday”, so this new download is out of its ordinary calendar schedule. In case that you claim a Surface Pro 3, what new pen feature configurations have you recognized after you have installed the update?

Surface Pro 3 history

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