Microsoft still promotes Nokia X2 Android smartphone

Nokia X2 ad

The Nokia X2 lists in many of the countries as coming soon that will see it dispatch, however that hasn’t ceased the marketing. Is Nokia’s freshest promo feature video for the last X smartphone to be powered by Android and its maybe more energizing than the phone shines like a stars in it.

Alright, perhaps we’re being a bit harsh, however the Nokia X line hasn’t precisely won our hearts since it was initially reported in Barcelona back in February. Considering we’re currently in August and the X2 is the final one of the Android breed, it’s difficult to develop and attract customers in multiple platforms (operating system). A couple of the issues we had with the first Nokia X have been determined with the X2 – like a home button catch, hearty welcome – yet the conventional Android fans would think that it hard to move over.

It’s a disgrace that Nokia won’t continue on developing its Android line under Microsoft’s stewardship. There’s numerous a smartphone fan out there, They would have be eager to hear flagship devices on android lineup from Microsoft branding. Anyhow until further notice, this is the place it closes.

Also in case you’re interested, watch the below video promoting Nokia X2

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