Microsoft’s Android Wear keyboard can draw every letter

Microsoft Android Analog Keyboard

Microsoft’s support for Android Wear smartwatches isn’t restricted to a convenient Onenote application. The company’s research wing has announced Analog Keyboard, a proto type input application that has you drawing individual characters on your wristwear as opposed to attempting to hit little keys. It’s not the speediest solution (and triggers a couple of flashbacks to old fashioned PDAs), however its extremely direct – you get a generally huge drawing area, and there’s a savvy auto-correct framework that you turn off just by stopping for some time between letters.

Before you begin drafting a masterpiece on your timepiece, be mindful that this is undoubtedly rough code. You need to sideload the application, and it saves battery life by dropping support for capital letters. Likewise, it doesn’t help either lower-resolution watches or future round models; your Gear Live or Moto 360 will work, yet disregard attempting the current Analog Keyboard on the G Watch or G Watch R. Gave that you’re ready to live with the numerous characteristics, however, its value a look in case you’re not fond to voice dictation.

Microsoft Research, The Verge

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