Microsoft’s universal app tactic in Windows 10, video in MWC 2015

Windows Universal App demo

Microsoft’s Windows 10 universal application presentation at the Mobile World Congress 2015 expo held this early year has at last published the video of the presentation which states tactic Microsoft adopts and giving its developers an easier way to make an app that will work over all Windows 10-based devices.

The video, published on Microsoft’s Channel 9 website, indicates how Windows 10 applications will have the capacity to adjust to a wide range of screens with adaptive UX. It likewise indicates how those applications will be accessible from a single storefront for all Windows 10 based devices, The video additionally shows off “Project Spartan”, Microsoft’s next web browser that will likewise be made as a universal app in Windows 10.

Microsoft recently announced that it will label or rename Windows 10 universal apps as “Windows apps”. While Microsoft is officially working on with the universal app tactic in Windows 10, there are unofficial reports that Microsoft is as also have idea to support Android apps in the OS too.

Channel 9, Paul Thurrott (Twitter)

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