Microsoft’s Windows Phone Twitter and Facebook pages are now live in Lumia brand

lumia twitter

As guaranteed a couple of days back, Microsoft has now renamed their official Windows Phone Facebook and Twitter accounts so they now show up under the Microsoft Lumia and Lumia brand names, respectively. The Facebook pages were changed on Thursday yet the Twitter account nane changed on Friday morning.

As a added progressions, the Nokia US Facebook and Twitter feeds have additionally switch names to Microsoft Lumia US and Lumia US, respectively. That tries for the other localized Nokia social network websites. The fundamental Nokia Facebook and Twitter records are likewise posting insights today that the Finland company will be recovering those pages soon.

Microsoft is likewise making the NokiaCareUS Twitter page idle. Holders of Lumia smartphones who need help through Twitter can now go to the new LumiaHelp Twitter account.

The majority of this movement is part of Microsoft’s plan to desert the Nokia brand for its Lumia smartphones. It additionally appears that Microsoft is downplaying the Windows Phone naming as a rule, maybe in arrangement for simply utilizing the “Windows” name for the greater part of the company’s product that utilize some version of the operating system.

Do you accept Microsoft ought to discard the Windows Phone brand or abandon it as it seems to be?

Microsoft Lumia on Facebook, Lumia on Twitter

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