Moto 360 smartwatch attracts at Google I/O

Moto 360 smartwatch

Motorola released Moto 360, at Google I/O 2014, has attracted heads to turn towards Motorola. Furthermore one could sense the designers of Samsung Gear Live and LG’s G Watch (both of which were additionally released at the Google event).

The Moto 360 looks stunning while wearing on the wrist. Its stainless steel, a welcome change from the dark, plasticy giants for the sake of Android Wear. The fit and aesthetics seems to be top choice while the chamfered edges of both the glass coating the screen and the metal host makes it a super rich luxurious look more like a Swiss automatic than a smartwatch. The leather strap takes a rich classical look.

Engadget got Lior Ron, Motorola’s wearable items head, to discuss the watch’s configuration and design, which has gone classical and attractive, instead of garish and, well, not all that hot. The 360 is Motorola’s method for recognizing the excellence of wrist watches, kind of like a “nod to the premium watch tasteful,” said Ron.

The included flair won’t go unnoticed. The way glass extends beyond the metal housing, when the pattern in mobile screens is with no gap between the surface of the glass and the pixels underneath them, has a handy sense as well. It has a circular display, which is stacked with pixels from edge to edge.

The smartwatch is excellent. However just the demo version was on showcase at Google I/O. So details on how it will really function is not yet accessible. Anyhow the Android Wear arms contest is on and its going to be a three-way battle.

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