Moto E First Gen will receive Android 5.1 Lollipop soon

Moto E

Motorola is proceeding with its flash of updating its smartphones to the most recent stable version of Android. It has recently started the soak test for the Android 5.1 Lollipop update in India for the Moto E (first gen) which happens to have occurred before to any other markets in the world. The update takes a size of 209.5MB and has effectively rolled out to more than 30 individuals as a test run. The soak test for the most part happens a fortnight before the release to check for any errors. So Motorola might simply dispatch the stable final version soon.

The update gets a large group of changes with it. Beginning off with the list of changes, the Material Design further gets enhanced with new colors and animations. The notifications menu gets redid thoroughly and you will now get notifications based upon their need.

It allows you to customize with reference to what all pops on your screen while undertaking an task. These intrusions incorporate reminders, events, calls and messages and this can now be modified.

The surrounding display which now makes it route to the smartphone will show you notifications without turning on the complete display. It can be flipped from the Settings menu however will rise up the power consumption of your smartphone. You now get Downtime Settings which let you control when you would prefer not to be exasperates/interfered.

The Quick Settings menu has been patched up as well and has turn into a great more functional. You can now “pin” an application on your screen. In less complex terms, for occasion, you can pin an application or a game on your home screen and a child won’t have to navigate somewhere else over the smartphone. The battery life has been further enhanced as well.

It now gets ART (Android Run Time) which helps in quicker opening of applications and a superior general performance. You likewise get smart lock for trusted devices which helps you keep your smartphone unlocked, for example, when you are utilizing a Moto 360, a Bluetooth car unit, headset, and so on.

The list of changes is very extensive and Motorola appears to have made a decent great work with conveying every one of these highlighting features to a entry level device.

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